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This is why I got into the business in the first place... )
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So, as I was, erm, trying to explain earlier, as of next Monday I will be in charge of a £40 million project and a Canadian guy named Greg. For three weeks. While my boss James is cycling around France.

We had a pretty intense design team meeting all day yesterday with Trevor the Builder and a bunch of consultants. After the meeting, on the train back to London James was briefing me on what needs to be done in his absense. I felt my head slowly swell up as I was scribbling away in my workbook. I wrote three pages of notes, including what I'm going to do with Greg (new architect to join our office) when he turns up. I'll also need to organise five or six workshop sessions with different consultants. Everything is finally picking up speed, and this just happens to coincide with the project architect's annual holiday.

I don't mind it really. In fact, it's pretty exciting. And if I fuck up there's Paul's shoulder to cry on (Paul is the Partner in charge).

Trevor keeps entertaining us. Yesterday we were discussing structural concrete roof parapets and he suggested to lower parapet height between adjacent stone fins, so that we can use less concrete. I sketched it on a piece of paper to show him that this would achieve a rather weird "saw tooth" profile: parapet steps up, then down, then up again, down again, etc. He looked at my drawing and announced,

"Blimey! We'll need a license from the Queen."

When I gave him a non comprende look, he explained, "Isn't there a law in this country that prohibits building castles unless you get written permission from the Queen first?"

I jokingly suggested he should write that down in the minutes of the meeting. Knowing him, I'm sure he will...
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The contractor (i.e. head builder) for our project is a good natured, super-bubbly chap in his mid-40s called Trevor. Trevor loves being sent on little errands. Last week the task was "FIND THE FIRE HYDRANTS" - which he has duly performed by running around the site with his car GPS (or, as he calls it, "playing with his Tom-Tom") for three days and firing e-mails at me after each session (about ten e-mails in total!!)

The Trevor Task of This Week has been external metal cladding (or, as we architects choose to call it for some reason, "mesh screening") to the proposed car park building. In a recent e-mail exchange, I've mentioned mesh screening for another car park structure that James and I happen to like. Trevor being Trevor, he immediately suggests to drive down there and take some photos, and enquires as to where in the UK that other car park is located. Then the following exchange occurs...  )


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