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Had a few really lovely, packed days. Last Friday - the late night science fair at the Natural History Museum (with [ profile] maybeitsbecause, [ profile] razornet and a couple of others). That included: looking at bugs, smelling ancient botany books, shouting at shiny crystals and running around the museum at night with a bottle of wine. A wonderfully surreal experience. Went to a canteen debate about whether smallpox should or should not be exterminated ([ profile] maybeitsbecause: "Surely even if the last instance of the virus is destroyed it can still be reconstructed from the sequence of proteins that's available in textbooks or online?" The speaker looks at him blankly, goes, "Everyone in this room who is a scientist, raise your hand!").

It's the first time I've been to the Darwin Centre (new museum wing), I was completely taken by it. What a lovely, thoughtful building and a gorgeous space to display all the museum's treasures. Went to the top of the concrete coccoon to the ancient botany room. The guide warned us that we were about to arrive at "floor 7 1/2 - like in Harry Potter" and I said, "Isn't it more like Being John Malkovich?" He laughed and said that he was going to use that for his next tour. Read more... )
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One of the reasons I enjoy having tattoos is the reactions I often get from other people. The almost universal response I get is, "Whoa, you don't look like someone who would have tattoos". When I ask them to elaborate they usually say that I look very innocent... like, you know, someone who would host pajama parties or bake chocolate chip cookies at weekends or something. Which is of course nowhere near what I'm actually like.

I had a variation to the theme once, when upon realisation that I have tattoos (I often wear long sleeves, especially to work, for obvious reasons) the other person contemplated it for a few moments and then inquired cautiously, "Have you by any chance been to prison, too?" I wasn't sure how to respond to that.

More often however I get attention from pub oddballs. This has the combined benefit of making the evening amusing and getting me a couple of free pints in the process. Oh, and whenever any of them start showing off their own tats in a sparring match I always win. Mine are just... better. :D
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My arm is now on the tattooist's website!

First one on the left on the bottom row.

I went for the final session today. Took about an hour. It looks even better now than it did in that photo.


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