Aug. 3rd, 2014 12:55 am
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Whenever I think about writing updates on my life in this blog again, most of what comes to mind is short headline-style material, a bit ridiculous, such as:




...etc. Coming up with anything longer than a handful of sentences seems quite hard these days. I blame Twitter. Perhaps more will follow. But before I go, one more from earlier this evening:


(Text below by a friend of mine) )
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Acquisitions of last week included a giant stuffed lizard tail, a top hat with skull and red feathers (both from the magnificent Rumpus party) and a pumpkin, discovered in my bed just as I was going to sleep. Mr B is like a house cat who instead of dead mice leaves me random little objects on my pillow. This one is a seasonal gift - a green and orange pumpkin that looks like its skull is opening up to give birth to another pumpkin, like something from a pumpkin themed horror movie. I'll take a photo when I get round to it - and then it's getting cooked and eaten.

I've had a good week, though odd in some ways, and something has happened towards the end of it that has made me feel totally overwhelmed and amazed at life and at the people I know in it, and also full of joy. It's probably a bit of an overreaction, perhaps because it has caught me just at the right moment. I just wish I could spread this feeling to others who need it more than me right now. Still basking in it for the time being (I'm sure that eight hours of 1:50 M&E/FF&E coordination meetings tomorrow will lessen it somewhat.... meh).


Aug. 30th, 2011 01:54 pm
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Oh, and of course there was also [livejournal.com profile] maybeitsbecause's birthday outing! My first visitation to a demolition derby at Essex Arena.

Our little group consisted of several pale physicists from Imperial college, the birthday physicist (not so pale due to his Indian genes) and me (not so pale either, but paranoid about my tattoos fading in the sun; I ended up passing the sunblock to the whitest of my companions who looked like he had been grown in an underground lab somewhere). So... yeah. Amid the landscape of roaring noise, smashed cars, chavs and chavettes and their offspring and clouds of black dust you can imagine just how much we stuck out like sore thumbs. I had to wash my face twice because it was covered in dust after each Bangers race. Have to confess I had a lot of fun, though a couple of warm Nukie Browns helped to mellow me out a bit. As for the birthday boy, he had such a serene look of happiness on his face that I couldn't help but feel jealous.

There were a few birthday kids in the crowd and they got a ride with the winner of each race while everyone applauded. "Happy birthday to Steven, 12 years old today! The lucky boy gets a ride with the legendary driver of 700, winner of the Bangers race!" "Happy birthday to Andrew, 10 years old today! The lucky boy.... etc." I said to [livejournal.com profile] maybeitsbecause that he should have also asked for a ride. "Happy birthday to S, 30 years old today!" Wonder how much amusement that would have caused among the audience.
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Soon after my birthday in early February I saw a ladybird at the bottom of the west stairwell of our three storey office building.

The next day I spot two specimens - a shiny little blood red droplet and a deep amber one.

A week later they are all over the stairwell - some alive and crawling about, and a good few accidentally flattened into tiny red or orange pancakes by my less careful colleagues.

Another week passes and most of the live Coccinellidae crawl away, leaving behind a trail of their dead brethren.

Yesterday cleaners came with big, big hoovers and vacuumed up the remainder.

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Had lonely dinner in candlelight (Yankee candle, cinnamon scent) in the company of Christmas tree and Goran Bregovic. Dinner was baked pumpkin and red onions with marinated tofu and fresh rocket.

Reorganised my collection of sex toys.

Switched on the fairy lights-stroke-garden hose wrapped around the antique fireplace in my room. And another candle - scent of cut roses. Actually smells like cut roses, too. For this reason, I now have a Yankee candle loyalty card.

Grateful for the small things in life.

The not-so-pleasant things in life consist of coming home from work at 9pm every night this week, and booking the office laptop for this Saturday and Sunday. I haven't worked at weekends for quite some time. Yes, it's that bad. Fucking Christmas deadlines.

Dinner with Mr B and a rendezvous with [livejournal.com profile] kostriko and [livejournal.com profile] romanthefirst are in the works for Friday night and the weekend to distract me from the suckiness of having to draw rainwater drainage and single ply roof details and writing outline specifications for bespoke bleacher seating...
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What do you think this song is about? Not a trick question, but there can be a few interpretations. Not least the one suggested in the video itself which is of course merely literal.

Rightly or wrongly, the first association I had with this song was sex. Specifically, not the act itself but the state of abandonment that intense sexual desire can bring. Wanting to become the other person so that you can experience what they experience and see yourself through their eyes; the urge to make them feel what you feel; the almost physical pain that comes with the knowledge that no matter how long this goes on for it will never last long enough.

Here is a superb, trippy cover by The Cure. I like it even more than the original.

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Perhaps I don't say this enough, but life is fucking beautiful. Every. single. bit. of. it.
Even the scariest, most horrifying parts. I'll drink it all until I can no longer stand upright, and I'll love the taste until I choke. And then some.

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Me : I need someone solvent and normal.
Ed : So I'm out on both counts then.
Me : Awwww! Sorry about that.
Ed : I may look normal but underneath I'm just a bubbling mess of ginger madness.
Me : I know, I know.
Ed : Not to worry, if I ever did try to shag you I wouldn't be able to stop laughing like a maniac.
Me : Awwww! And likewise, my dear.
Ed : It would be like shagging a sister.
Me : Awwww!
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I was so idiotically happy this morning I wanted to scream.

Just thought I'd share.

Life exists to please me. Even the bits of it I don't like.

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A common problem I know, but I have real trouble figuring out how other people perceive me. The word that has often been used by others to describe me is "intense". Honestly, I don't see it because most of the time I drift through my day in half slumber and don't feel intense at all. When I'm perfectly calm I get comments about how I'm "stary", "fidgety" or "nervous" (the last one is particularly annoying!!)

Clearly I'm missing a trick somewhere. OK, true, I am quite fidgety so perhaps that gives the wrong impression. I have coordination issues and actually believe myself to be dyspraxic. I've broken every single fragile item in the house, partly due to extreme clumsiness and because I tend to pick it up and start gesticulating with it. I only realise what I'm doing if someone points it out to me. The last set of wine glasses I bought was made of plastic - on average, a proper wine glass will survive less than a month. I had massive problems during driving lessons because I couldn't keep my feet or hands still, and the car swerved or stalled all the time. I gave up after my driving instructor lost her patience and had a hysterical fit during our 20th lesson, almost reducing me to tears. Just as well I had no aspirations to become a travelling salesperson or they would have been ruined right there and then.


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