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Jul. 1st, 2013 11:03 pm
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In a Garden

Gushing from the mouths of stone men
To spread at ease under the sky
In granite-lipped basins,
Where iris dabble their feet
And rustle to a passing wind,
The water fills the garden with its rushing,
In the midst of the quiet of close-clipped lawns.

Damp smell the ferns in tunnels of stone,
Where trickle and plash the fountains,
Marble fountains, yellowed with much water.

Splashing down moss-tarnished steps
It falls, the water;
And the air is throbbing with it.
With its gurgling and running.
With its leaping, and deep, cool murmur.

And I wished for night and you.
I wanted to see you in the swimming-pool,
White and shining in the silver-flecked water.
While the moon rode over the garden,
High in the arch of night,
And the scent of the lilacs was heavy with stillness.

(Amy Lowell)
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We walked by the cliffs to the Dover Lighthouse, had a picnic (everything was flying away, including Prosecco and the vegan salad), visited the lighthouse (with its Faraday's giant lightbulb and Marconi's first radio transmitter), walked back. The turquoise of the sea, the white of the cliffs and the yellow of the flowers were so pure and bright they hurt my eyes.

S then sent me this poem by Ted Hughes which is reminiscent of the wind-swept Dover landscape, albeit bleaker.

The wind flung a magpie away and a black - Back gull bent like an iron bar slowly )
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After much deliberation I've decided to recite a Mandelstam poem about honey in Russian and English - seemed appropriate for an event centred on food, a tad random maybe but I'm not exactly a poetry geek so it'll have to do. Sourcing a decent English translation has taken a while but I think I've found it... Here (the third one). It'll be my first Burns supper (that having lived in the UK for 16 years, honestly!) and I get insanely self conscious about performing, even in front of friends. Hope there'll be enough whisky to take the edge off. Eeee.

On 25 January 2012 11:06, Andi R wrote:
Sorry this is unfashionably late, seems I've not been focussed enough
recently [must try harder!] - anyway just to remind you all (who
haven't cancelled) that today is the 253rd birthday of Rabbie Burns
(the Bard of Ayrshire)
Read more... )


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