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We walked by the cliffs to the Dover Lighthouse, had a picnic (everything was flying away, including Prosecco and the vegan salad), visited the lighthouse (with its Faraday's giant lightbulb and Marconi's first radio transmitter), walked back. The turquoise of the sea, the white of the cliffs and the yellow of the flowers were so pure and bright they hurt my eyes.

S then sent me this poem by Ted Hughes which is reminiscent of the wind-swept Dover landscape, albeit bleaker.

The wind flung a magpie away and a black - Back gull bent like an iron bar slowly )
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A's raspberry 'Pi' pie.
Actually only 20% raspberry, the rest is apple and raspberry jam. I helped make the filling. Link to story here. Photos are also A's, reproducing with kind permission...

Read more... )
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Pictures of my hometown - stumbled upon in [ profile] architecture tonight. Courtesy of [ profile] nazarov_msk whose photographic work I am rather enjoying.

A little weird, considering how nostalgic I'm feeling already... Fuel to the fire, eh.
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Pictures from bonfire night and from Simon Drake's House of Magic - both courtesy of friend (who was the official photographer for the latter event).

Bonfire night. You can spot me in shots 15 and 17:

Simon Drake's House of Magic. Here I look utterly appalling... Silver facepaint doesn't lend itself well to being photographed, neither does pulling stupid faces. I love the overall composition of the shot though.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] el_kab!
Love you, miss you always.

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Friday, clay pigeon shooting, herding ducks with a stick, archery and making scarecrows on a farm in Oxfordshire... followed by Sawchestra in the Clerkenwell Crypt. Read more... )
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Woke up every morning to a beautiful boy in my bed and a breakfast of freshly picked figs and coffee, served on a terrace full of flowers.

It was PERFECT. )
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I'm really behind with posting about my life, so I'm just going to offer a bunch of shots taken with my soapbox camera over the past month or so... First of several... )
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I have four volunteer tour guides and a hangover. Three out of four volunteer guides also have a hangover. This is because it's January 1st 2010, and we are in the ancient city of Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv, recovering from the previous night's excesses - a party in [ profile] muzk's house where we attempted to drink a toast to the New Year in every time zone in Russia, starting from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and finishing in Kalinigrad (nobody survived until Kaliningrad). Read more... )
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Jerusalem Old City is full of tiny shops belonging to the four quarters (Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian) and has arguably the highest concentration of hapless tourists per square metre in the entirety of Eurasia. That's not to say I'm any different. Except that unlike most tourists I don't have a map, naively relying on my two companions who are ex-Israelites to show me the way. And of course we get lost.

We go down yet another labyrinthine alleyway peppered with emaciated cats and loud salesmen looming in doorways. One of the latter is eyeing up my lady companion as we are walking by. He has a greasy hairdo and an impressive pot belly for someone of his build. Without further ado the salesman makes his move, "Hello beautiful. Do you need husband? I have very nice cock."

My second companion - the actual husband - responds, "Thanks for the offer but but she already has one." We turn into yet another tiny passage leading from nowhere to nowhere. After a quarter of an hour of strange meanderings we somehow find ourselves back in the same alley with the same salesman shaking his formidable stomach at the passers by.

The salesman recognises us, looks confused for a moment but quickly recovers. He folds his hands into fists and turns towards my friend, jumping up and down like a cartoon boxer, "Do you want to fight with me? Duel, yes? Fight, yes?"

"Go fuck yourself," my friend suggests laconically. He drags his lady and me away as I attempt to take a picture of the scene (and fail). The shouts, "You think you strong man! You think you strong! I defeat you! Fight, yes! Fight with me! Duel, yes! I have very nice cock!" etc. are heard in the distance for quite some time.

and not just that... )
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I only get round to this narcissistic crap like, once every three years, so I reckon I can just about get away with it this time... hopefully..

Two reasons: 1) I'm wearing a present from a very dear friend of mine; 2) an online friend has inquired about my current hairdo, so here it is in its full idiotic glory. Long live Robert Smith. )
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It's our fourth wedding anniversary today, so I made Steve this card )


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