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I'm standing in the middle of my living room, alone, popping party poppers and experiencing mixed feelings.

I'm surrounded by packed boxes and various other things I apparently own (Brompton bike, 1970s globe shaped drinks cabinet, skull-shaped walking stick... ??). Party of one to celebrate the end of an era.

I'm out of Crouch end next Saturday, moving in with a partner (one of them, A) only for the second time in my life. I'm a homeowner for the first time. I'm leaving behind this red-and-white witch's house, which I shared with my dearest friend of 15 years, Mr B aka Ginger Menace, my one and only flatmate.

Party poppers smell quite nice. The boxes and my Brompton bike are now covered in confetti.
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Acquisitions of last week included a giant stuffed lizard tail, a top hat with skull and red feathers (both from the magnificent Rumpus party) and a pumpkin, discovered in my bed just as I was going to sleep. Mr B is like a house cat who instead of dead mice leaves me random little objects on my pillow. This one is a seasonal gift - a green and orange pumpkin that looks like its skull is opening up to give birth to another pumpkin, like something from a pumpkin themed horror movie. I'll take a photo when I get round to it - and then it's getting cooked and eaten.

I've had a good week, though odd in some ways, and something has happened towards the end of it that has made me feel totally overwhelmed and amazed at life and at the people I know in it, and also full of joy. It's probably a bit of an overreaction, perhaps because it has caught me just at the right moment. I just wish I could spread this feeling to others who need it more than me right now. Still basking in it for the time being (I'm sure that eight hours of 1:50 M&E/FF&E coordination meetings tomorrow will lessen it somewhat.... meh).
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South Park Muhammad episode censored

Well, having read that article I HAD to see it. As I have no TV I downloaded it. Uncensored of course, which is freely available online.

So I was watching it on my laptop, laughing like a madwoman and holding a drink in my hand and of course I spilled it in my lap. Concerned about the noise, Mr B knocked on my door to check whether I was all right... Very appropriately, at this point in the episode spoiler alert )... Hahahaha

There aren't many people I am willing to put my energy into stalking but Trey Parker and Matt Stone are pretty high on my list.

Have a thingymajig.

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