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I am taking preventative anti-malarial pills in anticipation of a visit abroad. One of the known side effects is vivid dreams. Well, I think the second week in they have begun. Last night, I dreamt that I was a midwife to several animals, namely a hamster, a pig, a cat and a sea lion. The latter was "cherry coloured" and produced five babies, all of them smaller than my thumb and also cherry coloured. I nearly stepped on one of them by accident. I was worried that the various mothers would eat their young if I didn't feed them enough. Especially the hamster, she looked evil.

And the night before that I dreamt that I was climbing huge pine trees in search of pine nuts. I got three pine cones from the first tree and four from the second one, but it started to sway back and forth under my weight and woke me up.

Met up with an ex-coursemate of mine from Cambridge last Sunday. Lost touch for almost nine years, found each other on Facebook, the usual. Only Christ, I forgot just how strange this guy is. He talks with such conviction that it's impossible to tell whether he's tongue-in-cheek or not; I know him well enough to guess that quite often he is actually serious. Read more... )


May. 28th, 2010 02:01 pm
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Had a dream a few nights ago that the client for my theatre project took us to a horse riding event. We arrived, sat on the grass, and each of us was handed an onion from a bucket. We were told that the onions would soon grow into complete horses - we just had to wait a little and keep the onions moist.

After a while, they did swell up and became horses. As I was watching this take place, I looked at the client and his wife, and saw with amazement that they had mushrooms growing in their hair and their armpits. I wanted to tell them that, but felt too embarrassed, so remained silent.
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Had a dream that Nick (the big boss guy) took us around a new building site for Oxford University. We are standing in a field of huge yellow flowers, looking at the buildings going up. Then my colleague James says to me, "That's great, but you haven't seen the half of it... Now feast your eyes on Nick's new dinosaur!!" And sure enough, suddenly there's this real, full sized T-Rex on a lead, in the middle of a field in Oxford, and Nick is taking it around to show to everyone. In his resonating bass voice, pointing at the dinosaur, "Meet Sparky. He is the new office dog. He is awfully nice."



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