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[ profile] romanthefirst and his lovely other half have recently arrived to the UK from Israel and are still unaware of many quirks of British culture. So last night an opportunity arose to introduce them to the wonders of Doctor Who (courtesy of BBC1). The conversation afterwards went something like this:

[ profile] hughnon: The Doctor is the smartest being in the Universe, but he can also be amazingly daft.

[ profile] romanthefirst: Is he like one of those people who have an IQ of 70 but have so much knowledge crammed into them that they can pass for being clever?

H (passionately): No no no, he is the opposite of that. He has an IQ of 7000, but also an ability to act with extraordinary daftness. He often does the most ridiculous and stupid things, precisely because he is so intelligent.

R: Wow, the Doctor must be very important to you.

H: Yes, he is.

R (referring to an earlier discussion about English football teams): More important than West Ham?

H: Absolutely.

R (impressed): Wow, that's VERY important!

And a few other aspects of British culture... )
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Oh yes, and on Saturday we had the house move strategically organised just so we could watch the new Doctor Who at 7:30pm. Everything went according to plan until Steve unpacked and connected up the TV in the new flat and realised that he couldn't get a signal! There was frantic plugging and unplugging of cables, some voodoo performed by Steve and [ profile] hughnon, none of which produced any apparent results. As we were beginning to despair, Steve found a TV aerial in one of the boxes. The aerial was connected and the TV signal established just seconds before the programme began!

That, my friends, is what life's little miracles are all about.
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Been watching the reruns of the new Doctor Who series this week. Having just watched the last episode again, I've developed a nagging question:

Why did they call it "Bad Wolf"? Why not, say, "Good Tiger" or, I don't know, "Evil Capibara"? Well, obviously, there is the "who's afraid of the big bad wolf" rhyme, but as far as I can tell it has no relation whatsoever to what "Bad Wolf" meant in the series.

Also, clearly the Doctor kissing Rose at the end was a poorly veiled excuse to get some tongue action - because all the Tardis stuff came out of her eyes, not out of her mouth, so there was really no need for that. Just thought I'd point it out.


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