Mar. 4th, 2011 02:47 pm
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York was luurvely. Despite all the screaming half term kiddos with painted faces (Viking festival was on that weekend). [livejournal.com profile] captain_g and I were the youngest guests at the York Hilton. The clientele consisted almost entirely of middle aged couples or families with multiple children.

Best hidden treasure was a little caf off a bridge overhanging the river Ouze, we sat there for a few hours getting caffeinated and looking at the beautiful reflections from the water. And obviously a visit was paid to Betty's Tearooms, too. Love that crooked doorway, it makes the building look like it's about to collapse like a deck of cards!

On Saturday morning That Freak made me do strength circuits in the hotel room. We ended up doing chin-ups on the wardrobe (which was bolted to the wall, presumably for that reason!!), had to remove all the coat hangers first so they didn't get in the way. I entertained the idea of leaving them lying around and puzzling the hotel staff... I've worked as a hotel maid a long time ago and I remember just how DULL that job is - anything out of the ordinary can make your day. Although nothing would beat the state we left the hotel room at Inya Lake in Yangon click here for fluffy bunnies. )
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G is ironing my trousers. As he slowly makes his way up the trouser leg a look of confusion sets in.

"Wow, this is... complicated."
"What is?"
"All these..." He waves the iron in the air a bit.
"You mean curves?"
"Haven't you ironed women's clothes before?"
"Um, no."
"Well, they tend to be... you know, curvy."
"Excuse me! My clothes are curvy too."
"Not compared to mine they're not."
"My waist is only an inch wider than yours. Try wearing my trousers."
"Pfft, sure."

So I put his trousers on for a laugh, and even though they are tight on the hips they make me look like I've climbed into a potato sack.

"Told you so! Wait until you get to my shirt."

He duly obliges and gets even more perplexed.

"How the hell am I supposed to iron that??" pointing at the bust area and giggling like a schoolgirl.
"You just... erm... push the sharp end in and work in circles in a smooth round motion..."

I hasten to add that despite these difficulties the end result of the ironing was quite impressive.


Feb. 5th, 2010 01:39 pm
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Best. Birthday present. EVER.
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I think G's attraction to me can be neatly summed up by one particular episode that took place a few weeks ago.

The boy and I are at Aldi's around the corner from his house. He has a written shopping list in which items are arranged according to the layout of the supermarket, in order to optimise the route around it - fruit first, then canned goods, then milk and cheese, then fish etc. I notice that the last item on the piece of paper says, 'Lady T'.

"Er, why am I on your shopping list?" I ask.
"This is your input into my weekly food shopping."
"I don't get it - what do you want me to buy?"
"Anything that takes your fancy. I need some impulsiveness and you are going to provide it."
"You do realise that as soon as you put impulsiveness on your list it stops being so, right?"
"It's impulsiveness within clearly defined boundaries."
"Oh for fuck's sake Giorgos, that's an oxymoron," I exclaim, then look at his expectant face, shrug and go off to provide my 'impulsive input'.

I grab a jar of rollmops and throw it into his basket. He looks very pleased.
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OK, this is quite simply the most bizarre sex talk I have EVER had the chance to encounter.

Two pints if you can guess what this is in response to... )


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