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Felt kinda high towards the end - undoubtedly a combination of caffeine, agitation and the physical effort of handwriting (sounds ridiculous, but I had not had to produce legible handwriting in nine years, so it was actually a tremendous effort).

Following the exams on Friday, crawled into the nearest pub and proceeded to drink and babble about life, universe and architecture with my soon-to-be-ex-coursemates until small hours of the morning.

The weekend was spent blinking at the sun and going, "Wow, so THAT'S what it looks like."

Went to watch [ profile] captain_g's grading in Tang Soo Do. There was a lot of whirling around and making funny noises, and he got an orange belt at the end of it.

Caught the very end of The Surreal House at the Barbican. The strangest exhibit was entitled "METAL FUCKING RATS" (by Noble & Webster): a heap of metal on the floor with a projector behind it shining a light on the wall, and the resulting shadow looked exactly like two rats having sex. The amount of detail in the shadow was incredible. Mr B and I stood pointing at it and laughing our heads off, whereas everyone else in the gallery pondered the exhibit seriously. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with people? Dung, glitter tits and canned shit are meant to be funny, yet there they are holding their chins, reading a load of ridiculous tosh about it and looking thoughtful because they think that's what they are supposed to do in galleries.

Generally I'm just happy not to be reading about promissory estoppel and liquidated damages for a change. Hopefully NEVER AGAIN.
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A picnic in the grass by the Mill pond, next to us a big group of scantily clad hippies with a pair of very good looking dogs, inhaling laughing gas like there's no tomorrow. Balloons galore! Two men leave the group to relieve themselves, and one is already having trouble keeping his trousers up. His underwear is red with a white chequered pattern. I wish I could erase that from my memory, but alas, almost a week later it's still with me.

Who the hell thinks men's novelty underpants are a sight to behold? Even on the best of men they look sad. I'll take girlie panties over these anyday...
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I fell asleep drunk as a skunk under a Christmas tree last night.

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Cambridge weekend was gorgeous. Thanks to all the wonderful people (especially one of you - you know what for!!). I love you all.

Towards end of Sunday I was at Caius college waltzing around the empty courtyard while others were busy consuming alcohol at a university Labour club night. It was called "Beer and Sanwiches" to contrast with the equivalent event organised by the Conservatives entitled "Port and Cheese". We thought that a similar event by the LibDems should bear the name of "HASHISH AND ORGANIC CELERY".

Sashimi platter followed by a Chinese dim sum selection is a winner and this place is a winner too.

[ profile] wknoxwalker, we are definitely doing a sushi making session at some point soon!!

Oh, and update for [ profile] irishspongie: Meeting Jago on Friday went well. I dragged him to Earl's Court where we stayed getting trolleyed at the Ashbees wine bar until 3am and I atttempted to romance the landlady Lizabeta. Next time I go there I shall bring her a huge bouquet of tulips.
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On Saturday, the strangest thing I've ever been called before... "You are like cordite". When I asked what on Earth it meant I was told that cordite is a firearm propellent and that I smell like one.

That possibly beats being called a "Rasputin-like vulture woman" (don't ask). I get my fair share of compliments, don't I??

Oh, and this is what I've received today from the client for my studio theatre project when I've sent an e-mail round saying that my surname and work e-mail address have changed...

"Hi Tania
That's a lovely name! Sounds really great - of movie star billing - enter your next building for the RIBA Gold! I don't know how it came about, but I wish you all the best!
Kind regards

Heh. He is such a lovely chap, but I'm not sure how to respond to that....

So much has happened in the past two weeks that it would take me at least another fortnight to write about it. Therefore, I'll just post a few pics and leave it at that.... for the time being anyway.

Racing Segways in the woods, Greenwich Observatory, DLR, blackberries, poppies, gingerification )


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