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Only in London.
A couple of weeks ago I was in a pub with a group of people, some of whom I didn't know. I was having a chat about tattoos with a chap sitting next to me (standard pub conversation filler, no big deal). Due to two pints of Old Rosie swishing around in my head, I decided to take my top off to show him the large Piranesi tattoo on my back. Everyone stared at me, then the chap's wife went, "Oh, is this Carceri III?" It then transpired that she is the curator of the Royal Institute of British Architects collection at the V&A. They have several Piranesi originals in the collection.

If I'd known I would have behaved a bit more "professionally" (i.e. acted less loud and drunk, I guess).

Despite my unnprofessional behaviour, we exchanged details, and yesterday she e-mailed me with the list of Piranesi works with catalogue numbers for me to look at...

On #aiww

May. 17th, 2013 01:55 pm
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S and I went to see The Arrest of Ai Weiwei at Hampstead Theatre last weekend. Impressed by the play, I ended up googling various links on the artist and sending them by e-mail to S, A and AR to get their opinion on the play and on Ai Weiwei in general (A and AR have already seen the play).I thought it may be worth sharing this here. )
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Drawn by my LJ friend [ profile] edgecondition, translates as,

"Did you see that scene yesterday?"
"A-ha! Women at the construction site!!!"

Clicky for image )
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Went to a Dyke March fundraising event last Sunday with Raq and A. It was a documentary afternoon at an East London pub. The projector kept slowly sagging, the sofas were sagging, there was cider, the atmosphere was quite jolly, and A was the only man in the room (unsurprisingly; apparently that qualifies him as a 'lesbro'! Did you know this word? I didn't).

Out of the three features we watched, the one about the Dada artist Hannah Höch (1/3 of the documentary called The Female Closet by Barbara Hammer) excited me the most. I had come across her before, but seeing her work alongside her life on the screen has suddenly opened her up for me. Her collages were touching, sexy, cheeky and thought provoking; her life tempestuous, and her sexuality not dissimilar to mine. I'm going to have to buy books on her now and track down her work in art galleries.


Feb. 2nd, 2013 08:30 am
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So I'm now a year older (not far off trying to make people forget what age I really am... futilely no doubt. But who cares if I'm thirty or fifty, right?) I was going do to a summary for 2012 but failed miserably, so this is a substitute for that.

Some of this may read as a bit of a 'London life' informercial.. Hello Time Out? )
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My entry to High Line for London Green Infrastructure competition.

A week's worth of drawing work preceded by (not particularly intense) couple of weeks of research, during which I discovered that the river I was going to write about - called Moselle, not to be confused with the one in Germany - flows directly under my street in Haringey (like many streets in London, mine follows the course of an underground river pretty much exactly).

Pfew! Not done anything like that since university days... Photoshop-tastic and some hand drawing, too. Click for piccy )
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I still exist... Mainly on Twitter though! Feel free to leaf through for what it's worth. :)

Latest, drawings of Christian Louboutin's shoes at the Design Museum. Am quite pleased with these, especially considering I haven't drawn for fun in quite a while. Loving the coloured paper effect which was suggested to me by a friend (whose paper I stole, too); think I'll stick to it for its forgiving fluffy qualities...
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Speaking of the notion of femininity...

Heather Cassils Gets Ripped for LACE Performance Art Show

I anticipate some men (especially men) wincing and thinking, "She is not attractive" but remember that she is not there to attract YOU. Read more... )
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OK, maybe I should boast.

My office has won an entry in the the Architect's Journal's 100 most successful practices, jumping from nil to 50th-ish place. And my previous building was used as a backdrop for a car commercial. Woohoo.

And I'm getting a tattoo on my back.
And I'm meeting with a fire eater-cum-ex-porn director this Friday (for drinks. Just for drinks).
And I saw Miro at Tate M which was mind-alteringly amazing (hence new userpic).
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A bondage / life drawing event in aid of Japanese earthquake.
Drawings by yours truly.
Naked ladies.
Naked ladies tied up by a burly bearded man called Santiago.
Naked ladies lying, sitting or suspended in mid air.

SFW because they are just pencil drawings )
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Woke up every morning to a beautiful boy in my bed and a breakfast of freshly picked figs and coffee, served on a terrace full of flowers.

It was PERFECT. )
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Felt kinda high towards the end - undoubtedly a combination of caffeine, agitation and the physical effort of handwriting (sounds ridiculous, but I had not had to produce legible handwriting in nine years, so it was actually a tremendous effort).

Following the exams on Friday, crawled into the nearest pub and proceeded to drink and babble about life, universe and architecture with my soon-to-be-ex-coursemates until small hours of the morning.

The weekend was spent blinking at the sun and going, "Wow, so THAT'S what it looks like."

Went to watch [ profile] captain_g's grading in Tang Soo Do. There was a lot of whirling around and making funny noises, and he got an orange belt at the end of it.

Caught the very end of The Surreal House at the Barbican. The strangest exhibit was entitled "METAL FUCKING RATS" (by Noble & Webster): a heap of metal on the floor with a projector behind it shining a light on the wall, and the resulting shadow looked exactly like two rats having sex. The amount of detail in the shadow was incredible. Mr B and I stood pointing at it and laughing our heads off, whereas everyone else in the gallery pondered the exhibit seriously. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with people? Dung, glitter tits and canned shit are meant to be funny, yet there they are holding their chins, reading a load of ridiculous tosh about it and looking thoughtful because they think that's what they are supposed to do in galleries.

Generally I'm just happy not to be reading about promissory estoppel and liquidated damages for a change. Hopefully NEVER AGAIN.
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Bored on the Virgin train back from Birmingham, I picked up their freebie mag and came across an article about novelty life drawing classes in London.

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School

So instead of a hairy guy with drooping testicles or a malnourished looking woman with too much bush you get gorgeous burlesque dancers dressed in lace and fishnet tights, it takes place in a pub, you do silly challenges like drawing the model with the head of an animal, AND you can balance a drink in one hand and a pencil in another.

What's not to like?

And it's not even expensive... As soon as I get my life back (hopefully in September, when I fail spectacularly finish my course) I'm so there.
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OMG I'm meeting [ profile] captain_g's imaginary bodybuilding cosmologist friend tonight!

Yesterday went for a swift one at The Crown with my colleagues and ended up staying for five rounds... Barely upright by the end of it but made it home in one piece. Then my flatmate waltzed in with a daffodil in his hand and we proceeded to drink sherry until small hours of the morning. I think I may have lectured him at length on the nature of the female orgasm and its place in the Western society.

Happy Easter.

Oh, and Chris Ofili is hot hot hot. If you're in London I recommend you go see this - it's on until mid-May.


Mar. 29th, 2010 08:42 pm
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This was pretty damned impressive.
16 Shaolin monks, a man, a little boy, and Antony Gormley's seventeen wooden boxes.

Chatting to my colleagues afterwards we all agreed that it was a very architectural performance. It's incredibly impressive how something so basic can be used as such a versatile prop. They were whirling the boxes in the air, within seconds creating anything from a pedestal to a cemetery to giant human dominoes. It was also unexpectedly funny and touching - an entire plot revolving around the man and his apprentice, how they fell out and went to war against each other in which all their disciples died, then were resurrected, then died again and were resurrected again.

I'm sure one could find better martial artists but it certainly got top marks for originality... And much more fun than ballet, that's for sure...
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This (live last night at the Barbican Centre) was excellent.

Although Mr Glass has shamelessly recycled almost every note. Even amongst his recent stuff there are much fresher pieces than this. I'm not even talking about Einstein on the Beach or any of the stuff he used to do back in the day when he was actually cutting edge.

A movie made entirely of stills projected onto a giant tripartite screen - a wonderfully simple idea - shall make a mental note for possible future stealing... The photographer was a chap called Franz Lanting - never heard of him but presumably he is someone famous as the whole event was centred around him and he was there in person to deliver a speech before and after the performance. I just went for the music - the rest was a bonus.


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