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I shall precede this brief observation with a wonderful and poignant video I have come across recently.

I realise I'm probably doing little to dispel the myth of the Effortless Architect by this story, but it's too amusing not to share.

This morning, my boss J is talking to one of the project leaders about a new masterplan for a site in central London. She is gesticulating at several new buildings on the site plan that are oblong in shape.

J: So this is your sausage, right. These are your sausages.
Project leader: Um.
J (points at one of the buildings): There is a problem with this particular sausage. It doesn't make sense. I think it should be over there.
Project leader: Well, I thought it could be here because...
J: You must understand the sausage first. I'm not sure you do at the moment.
Project leader: Yeah, working on it, but...
J: You must understand the nature of the sausage.
Project leader: Um.

I chuckle at this, as I hear the cackling sound of laughter all around the office. A few moments later, my e-mail client flashes with a new message. It's from a chap called Ken who is sitting a couple of desks away from me. The e-mail has only the following image:

sausage links

I bash out quickly in response: "You must understand the sausage."
Ken, almost instantly: "In order to understand the sausage, you must become the sausage."

Later, I come over to the project leader chap and ask him how his "sausages" are doing... He responds with, "Well, there are several incarnations of sausages at the moment. Not really sure about any of them. It's a total cacophony of sausages..."
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