Aug. 12th, 2013

My weekend

Aug. 12th, 2013 02:01 pm
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I was interviewed by the Independent and touched Stephen Fry's hair! And how was your weekend?

After many ambivalent thoughts and feelings about it, I joined the Russia LGBT protest outside Downing Street on Saturday. Apart from speaking to the Independent journalist, I ended up explaining my thoughts on it to other people so many times that I wished I had written it out on a handout.

Mostly I believe this protest - or any other protests against this particular issue - is not going to make any difference; initially I thought it might even be harmful, but that was perhaps an over-reaction on my part. I believe that these laws are nothing to do with Russia's LGBT (the government couldn't care less about them), but with gaining votes and isolating the Russian Western-phobic majority. But as much as I am convinced that banning Russian vodka in Western gay bars and banning Russia from the Olympics are utterly pointless and nothing but the last straws for Western liberals to clutch on, I still enjoyed being at the protest, with its wonderful atmosphere of belonging, and I loved hearing the amazing Stephen Fry speak out for a lost cause with the passion that made achieving it sound almost believable. It is important that these things don't go ignored, no matter what.

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